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Armando NEW comedy special  



   Armando Anto was born and raised in France. He began studying classical violin at the French National Conservatory at the age of 5. After earning his BA in Finance, he turned his virtuoso talent into a business, embarking on a world tour of violin concerts. Performing and teaching his art for over a decade, Armando began implementing more and more comedy in his performances. Armando believes that in order to be successful, you have to surround yourself with successful people. This explains all the mirrors in his home. 


  He understood that laughing opens the heart and mind, and that people understand any concept better through humor. Following his twin muses, music and comedy, he has established himself as a standup comedian in Los Angeles. Armando feels he never spends enough time with himself.


   For the last 10 years, Armando has been perfecting his unique style of comedy, utilizing his decades of classical violin mastery, his guitar skills, and even breakdance in his act. Discovered in Hollywood, he won first place in his very first stand up comedy competition. He now performs all over the US in various comedy clubs, colleges, competitions and theaters. Even when Armando brags, he is the best at bragging. 


  Armando Anto’s brand of comedy is widely accessible and works anywhere in the world. From New York to Texas, France to the Middle East, every audience understands the universal comedic language of music. 


Dry Bar Comedy Special taping 2020

Just For Laugh Showcase 2020

Perform for the Celebrity Judges at America's Got Talent


Bring The Funny NBC 2019 Competitor

Finalist - AV Competition Lancaster CA - Sept 6th - 8th 2019 

Finalist - Big Sky International Competition

Billings (MT) - October 7-11th

Winner - Next comic standing Contest- Hollywood

Comedy Dynamics on Hulu & Amazon TV

Laughing Skull Selection (Semi Finalist)

Sixth place - San Francisco International Stand up Competition

San Francisco (CA) - September 16-20th 

Finalist - Los Angeles Best Stand Up Comedian

Laughs On Fox (Headliner of the TV Show)

Slo Comedy Festival Selection

Westside Comedy Showdown Selection

Best of the Fest Big Pine Comedy Competition 

Best of the Fest Glendale Comedy Festival Selection

Lauglins Comedy Competition

NACA West, Central, Mid America Showcase

World Series of Comedy Final Day Las Vegas


Boston Comedy Festival Selection


Semi Finalist at Ventura Comedy Competition


Finalist at April Fools Kevin and Beans

Comedy Dynamics on Hulu & Amazon TV

Coming to the Stage - Season 5

Elected Hot Choices for Campus Activities - NACA 2016


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