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Elegant Abstract Background

"Armando was just incredible. The Violin performance was as good as the presentation. Bravo!" - University of Houston

The Life Concerto

"Best Speaker in 30 years. What an adventure." - THX Solution

"Mixing 3 languages, violin performances and comedy... Now that's a presentation." -  S Academy





In our society, knowing how to maximize productivity through new learning process is paramount. But the real secret of success lies in how people behave not just when things are easy, but when they’re hard. That’s why some of today’s greatest leaders follow the Cycle of Success for achieving their dreams. 

In this keynote speech, Armando Anto will deliver his insights on how to turn negativity into productivity, discuss the importance of vision, routine, and learning in achieving success, and share the process he followed to become an entrepreneur, comedian, and world-class violinist.


Attendees will learn how to:

  • Set and achieve goals

  • Create a productive routine

  • Learn from their mistakes

  • Turn negativity into productivity

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